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Celebrate the springtime "super bloom" in the desert!

#SuperBloom2017 at Soboba Springs


Have you seen the colors!? Wow! The rain this winter has given us a most spectacular Springtime blooming season! In fact - National Geographic defines this year’s blooming season as an "explosion of wildflowers that exceeds typical spring blooms." Woo-Hoo! That means for the next month or so every chance you get you’ll want to grab your camera, some friends or family and head out to explore. Which also means you’ll be needing a place to chill after an all-day photoshoot.

How can yoga improve your golf game?

PGA golfing at Soboba

Yoga seems to be the hot topic these days. Almost a cure-all for any ache or pain you might be experiencing. But how can yoga improve your golf game? Just ask Jack Nicklaus!

No, Jack Nicklaus does not do yoga – that we know of. But he does relate to the focus necessary to stay in the “zone” when it comes to his game. Remember when Nicklaus was putting for the win in a tournament years ago, and a dog ran out onto the course? Afterward he was asked by reporters if the dog bothered him at all. His response: “what dog?”.

Wonderful winter day trips in Southern California

San Jacinto Mountains

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, work trip, golf outing, or a fun night out with friends – enjoying the trip and your surroundings is a great place to start setting the mood. We are on the brink of spring with just a couple weeks left of winter. The much needed rain has brought about a lush green countryside with excellent opportunities to enjoy wildflowers, blooming cacti and natural rock gardens on a trip to one of Southern California's Finest Public Golf course destinations at Soboba Springs Country Club.

Wedding season is in full swing at Soboba Springs

Soboba wedding venue

Spring is just around the corner, and with the renewal of the earth comes one of our favorite times of the year...WEDDING SEASON! Looking for the absolute perfect setting for your nuptials? Look no further! The Country Club at Soboba Springs is pleased to present one of Southern California’s premier venues recently renovated to welcome you with over 32,000 square feet of space to enjoy on your special day.

The bountiful benefits of trying new tastes

Have you ever been curious about trying something new? This thirst for discovery is natural, especially for fans of food and festivities. With the recent explosion of local businesses and personally crafted recipes, it has never been easier to give your tastebuds a completely unique experience. In fact, one industry that has particularly boomed is the sale of craft cocktails and other independent beverage brands.