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The bountiful benefits of trying new tastes

Have you ever been curious about trying something new? This thirst for discovery is natural, especially for fans of food and festivities. With the recent explosion of local businesses and personally crafted recipes, it has never been easier to give your tastebuds a completely unique experience. In fact, one industry that has particularly boomed is the sale of craft cocktails and other independent beverage brands.

A “cocktail renaissance”

In an article detailing the recent rise of liquor sales in Texas, David Ozgo, the chief economist for the U.S. Distilled Spirits Council, expressed his confidence in a “cocktail renaissance” within America, a term coined by many business owners.

“There is just a complete resurgence in interest in cocktails in the United States,” said Ozgo, “We’ve gone back to a cocktail culture.”

And what seems to be driving these increasing trends? Industry experts say it is increased availability. For instance, companies such as Absolut has extended their variety of vodka to over 20 flavors. With so many accomodating choices, there is likely a specific flavor for everyone to enjoy. In addition, people are more likely to switching between drinking beer, wine and mixed drinks these days, which leaves a lot of room for selling more types of beverages.

Martinis and more at Maze Stone

Speaking of drink variety, tasty things are happening at The New Maze Stone Bar & Grill inside The Country Club at Soboba Springs!  The old country club atmosphere has evolved into a fun, hip, delicious and inviting lounge where good times and good friends come together every night of the week.

Our Martini selection is second to none and includes everything from:

  • The traditional 007, Dirty and Gibson Martini’s

  • Our own Double Vision, Almond Joy, Blue Palms, French, and Rangpur!

  • Martini lover’s everywhere will be flocking for our version of the Lemon Drop, Cucumber, Appletini, Peartini, Madras and Cosmo

  • Come sip on our Soboba Tea….yes, we’ve put Long Island on notice! It wouldn’t be SoCal without a little Californication – just wait ‘til you try it!

  • Our House Cocktails have been created to entice even the most discriminating palette!

And it doesn’t stop there! The Maze Stone is thrilled to serve over 36 beer selections, and is excited to announce we have partnered with the Stone Brewing Company to offer three new house beers on draft: Maze Stone IPA, Maze Stone Red Ale and Maze Stone Hefeweizen. The Award-winning Maze Stone restaurant has reinvented itself with you in mind! You’ll find something for everyone on our delicious menu too!

In addition to our drink selection, The Maze Stone Bar & Grill is an all-new and adventurous experience. We’ve also completely revamped our entertainment schedule to create the Inland Empire’s go-to place for dancing & fun with LIVE entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday night Karaoke with DJ Evan from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Enjoy a fabulous Happy Hour in the lounge every day from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. where you can meet friends for great appetizers, cocktails, beer & wine – all at discounted prices, and in an atmosphere created to please, relax, and unwind. We are all about making things happen in The Maze Stone Bar & Grill. What are you waiting for? Make reservations today by calling The Country Club at Soboba Springs at 951-654-4300.