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Treat your valentine to a weekend away from it all

Soboba vday 2017

It seems like we’re all living pretty busy lives these days, so it's becoming increasingly necessary to unplug and unwind once and awhile too. What most people don’t know is you don’t have to wait for a long time to prepare for a substantial vacation. Especially for southern Californians, the options for a weekend getaway are surprisingly numerous. It is just up to you to seize the opportunities!

Check out cheap local flights to nearby states

For those who do not fly very often, a common misconception is that plane tickets always cost a lot of money. However, this is not the case at all. While it might be pretty unavoidable to pay close to a thousand dollars for an international journey, closer destinations are a very affordable cost to make.

While ticket costs constantly fluctuate on a daily basis, it is safe to say that airlines specialized for shorter travel will have some very cheap options for you. Some of the best examples of this for southern California residents are Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines. While Spirit currently offers a “From $37 One Way” deal, Frontier also lists discounted flights for as low as $26! Just remember that airlines like these reduce the ticket costs by requiring most complimentary services to be purchased, from bringing a carry-on bag onboard to in-flight snacks.

Take a roadtrip to a state or national park

If you and your partner are not fans of flying, getting on the road is the next best option. But where should you go? One underappreciated local resource is California’s state and national parks. Filled with adventurous trails, breathtaking views and modest lodgings (depending if you like camping or not), these majestic areas are perfect for bonding with another person and just having a relaxing time away from traffic and technology.

Learn about all the things you can do outdoors. Popular national and state parks in SoCal include:

Enjoy a local and all-inclusive recreational experience

Not all couples like travelling, camping or the preparation required for either. However, the process of “getting away from it all” does not have to be physical. Sometimes, the best cure for distancing yourself from work and getting closer to your partner is spending a day at an all-inclusive experience.

And what do we mean by an all-inclusive experience? We mean that you are treated to fun activities and luxurious amenities that can completely remove you from your day-to-day stress and burdens. This can include:

  • Playing on a premier official golf course

  • Specialized banquet and meal packages

  • Daily events and entertainment paired with extensive dining options

  • Shopping opportunities and gift certificates

  • Exclusive membership to all the amenities listed above at a discounted price

For those seeking an easy and local plan for Valentine’s Day that can also deliver some quality rest and relaxation, the Country Club at Soboba Springs can follow through for you. Feel free to learn more about our PGA-official golf course and our newly renovated Maze Stone Bar & Grill. If you’re looking to plan a special V-Day gift for your significant other, call our team at (951) 654-4300 or email us online if you have any questions.