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Your new year craft beer guide for 2017

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New to the wonderful world of craft beer? With all the new brands and breweries popping up these days, especially in southern California, the number of drinking options might seem a little overwhelming. Luckily, drinking beer has never been very complicated and neither is choosing what type to drink.

Last chance for wintertime tasting

When it comes to craft beer, the biggest factor to pay attention to this time of year is the seasonal shift of flavors. Since the new year begins mid-winter, the time to order special types of beer becomes increasingly limited.

Popular blends during the colder months are often labeled with the word “winter” and often feature spices like cinnamon and pumpkin. These unique hints of the holidays can send any experienced drinker to one of their treasured family memories. Overall, it is important to expect spicier flavors with these types of beer that may turn off fans of milder drinks.

Colder months, darker beers

Another trend that increases rapidly at the end of the year are darker, smokier beers. Additional varieties of porters and stouts commonly appear on taps and store shelves by December, but these trends have expanded to dark lagers and ales as well. Altogether, winter-specific beers are very rich in flavor, in one way or another.

With spring soon approaching, these spicy beers will be switch out for some new seasonal tastes, but not as much as you might think. Spring beers actually feature a wide range of blends, even including leftover stouts from winter and early summer releases. In addition, special beers labeled with the term “spring” are typically bright and crisp in terms of taste.

Brands to look out for

According to, highly anticipated craft beers coming this spring in SoCal include:

  • Anaheim Brewery, “Conrad's Kolsch
  • Breakside Brewery, “Salted Caramel Stout
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery, “Rise Up India Red Ale
  • Maui Brewing Co., “Lorenzini Blood Orange Double IPA
  • Ninkasi Brewing Company, “Spring Reign
  • Tap It Brewing, “Continuum
  • Worthy Brewing, “Farm Out Saison

Sip at Soboba

Lastly, it is also important to note that spring is a significantly popular time for more herbal and fruit-heavy drinks like wine, mixed drinks and ciders. The Country Club at Soboba Springs is well aware of these bar-tasting trends, which is why our all-new Maze Stone Bar & Grill is prepared to quench any thirst you might have.

Be sure to ask one of our expert bartenders and mixologists about our extensive catalog of over 36 beers. Stop by, taste a few different brands and find out what type of beer is your favorite! And if you want to make it a special occasion, check out our weekly lounge specials or call (951) 654-4300 for more information.

Our full Maze Stone Bar & Grill menu: